Dashboard Design & Build Process

Whenever we receive a request for a new Dashboard development, we tend to jump in with excitement (after all we are BI enthusiasts!!) and start developing dashboards immediately.  There is nothing wrong with that approach.  Well, tools like Tableau are meant for building dashboards fast, so why not right ?.  You definitely can, but we should not forget basic steps involved in designing and developing a dashboard for a better output and your customer satisfaction.  Below are few pointers for you…


  • Learn and understand your customers requirements well
  • Learn how they are going to use new Dashboards
  • Learn what decisions your customers will be making using these dashboard
  • Put yourself into their shoes
  • Identify key information they would be interested in
  • Many companies use their company colors / templates, do not forget to ask those details


  • Learn and implement good design practices
  • Dashboards must have a Good and Intuitive layout
  • Create Prototypes / mockups, get feedback from your customers, even if it is a sketch with a pen on a piece of paper
  • Always get a second opinion from your colleagues, you might receive feedback from a different angle
  • Go Agile – Share with your customers the progress as you make
  • Do not overwhelm your users with too much of data and crazy graphs
  • Keep It Simple!

Post -Development:

  • Be open to receive feedback from customers.  As wider group of users start using your dashboards, you might receive more feedback.
  • Would you remember this whole journey after 6 months?  If you answered anything other than “Yes”, then do not forget to document :).  I know, I know…Documentation is Boring.  But you can use simple tools like RapidDox to create documentation in Seconds!


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